The Redemption of 2017’s Star Wars: Battlefront II (...and why you should play it)

The launch of EA and DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront II in November of 2017 is a well documented disaster, the game had a heavy focus on micro-transactions and many of the hero characters were locked behind paywalls. The game had a pay to win aspect to it with loot boxes that contained Star Cards that would improve the players abilities on the battlefront. Now two years after the games initial release it has been completely turned around by developer DICE. Here are a few reasons why now is the best time to give Star Wars: Battlefront II a second chance.

No More Pay to Win:

Loot Boxes are gone! Instead you upgrade your classes, ships and heroes through play, earning Skill Points that you can then use to upgrade your Star Cards and improve your units. You can earn credits by playing the game to unlock various appearances such as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Clone Wars outfits or various Clone Legion skins. You can also choose to purchase Crystals that can be used exclusively to purchase skins, though this is totally unessential as if you play the game enough you will quickly earn more than enough credits.

Free Monthly Content:

Every month the game gets a new update, this update more often than not comes with new content absolutely free to all players, including new maps such as Geonosis and Felucia as well as new reinforcements like the Separatist Droideka and the Republic Clone Commando. Heroes, Game Modes and new ways to play are also being added to the game over time, the team has even already promised new content based on ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ including a new map will be coming in December to line up with the last film in the Skywalker Saga’s release.

New Game Modes:

As I said in my last point, the game has introduced a few new game modes since the initial launch that have helped to expand the life of the game. Arguably the biggest and most well received of these new modes is Capital Supremacy, a game mode that hearkens back to the classic Battlefront games with two teams fighting for control of the battlefield by capturing a majority of the command posts scattered across the map. Though the mode is currently exclusive to the Prequel era battles, the team at DICE have said that they are now prioritizing content for both the Original and Sequel eras. Other new ways to play include Instant Action: an offline mode similar to Capital Supremacy where you fight against bots. Co-op: An online group of 4 players progress through the battlefront fighting against enemy bots and holding the front line.

Developer and Player Interaction:

The team at DICE are constantly listening to the feedback of the players on social media such as Reddit (r/StarWarsBattlefront) and Twitter. They also have online polls and surveys that players can use to give their feedback on the game. Several of the devs (such as Dennis Brännvall and Ben Walke) use their personal twitter accounts to tease potential upcoming content as well, they are constantly interacting with the playerbase.

Wrap Up:

While these are some of the biggest steps in the road to Star Wars: Battlefront II’s redemption, there are a few other minor improvements that have made the game more enjoyable over time, very recently there has been a huge breakthrough in the modding community for the game (though of course that only affects PC players). There are also special events every week or so that mixes up the gameplay of certain game modes. Having played the game since it’s launch it is wonderful to see how much the game has improved, I now believe that the game is among the best Star Wars games though there is A LOT of competition. The game isn’t perfect but what game is? It is definitely an enjoyable one and it is more than fun to sink into for an immersive Star Wars experience, you should definitely give the game another chance if you haven’t already. Here's to the future of 2017’s Star Wars: Battlefront II, thank you for reading and may the force be with you!


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