Hello There. Welcome to the official website for Star Wars Editor!

My name is Austin! You may know me as Star.Wars.Editor on Instagram, or maybe not. Either way, you're here now! I've ran SWE since November 2016, and since then, SWE has branched over to Twitter, YouTube, and now, A WEBSITE!

This website is to bring a ton of Star Wars content to the community! Expect regular articles about News, Interviews, Persuasive Writing, and much more from Star Wars here, as well as fun games, quizzes and a ton of other new things! I'm most excited to tease and announce upcoming content here!

We have a team here at The SWE Website of about 20 people to write articles, maintain the website and bring a ton of new content here! We are excited to serve the Star Wars community for all the viewers of our site. Meet the SWE Team here:

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Stay tuned for a ton of upcoming content!

May the force be with you, always!

Star Wars Editor


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Star.Wars.Editor

Not Affiliated with Lucasfilm or Disney.

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