‘Star Wars: Dark Legends’ [SPOILER-FREE] Review

Updated: Aug 12

Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press

Written by: George Mann 

Illustrator: Grant Griffin 

Release date: July 28th, 2020 

‘Star Wars: Dark Legends’ is the second Star Wars book from George Mann, and a sequel of sorts to last years ‘Myths & Fables’. The book includes 7 in-universe legends; the stories range from a Nosferatu like Grand Inquisitor, to a boogeyman like Darth Vader. I praised Mann’s writing abilities in my review for Myths & Fables last year, and I have more of the same to say this time around. Dark Legends is grim, spooky, and eerie—but also undeniably fun and enthralling. As I was reading each story, I was thinking to myself how they are essentially the Star Wars equivalent to gothic horror stories from writers such as Poe and Stevenson. They are stories you know will end in tragic despair, but you still can’t wait to find out what horrors await you at the end of each one. The illustrations from Grant Griffin at the beginning of each tale provide you with a good visualization of the story you are about to read. His Nosferatu inspired Grand Inquisitor especially provides a haunting image of a yellow toothed vampire snatching children in the darkness of night. Griffin’s work fuels your imagination whilst reading the grim outcome of each legend. Other stories include a haunted mask, an inhibitionless wolf-like Shistavanen, a Sith Lord’s search for immortality on Exegol—among other delightfully dark fables. I immensely enjoyed each one, and read both halves of the book in about two sittings. The in-universe writing style provides an immersive reading experience as if you are scanning an ancient text written by some mysterious being from the galaxy far, far away. 

Overall, ‘Dark Legends’, is another exceptional entry from George Mann, and one of my favorite Star Wars books along with ‘Myths & Fables’. I am a huge fan of gothic literature, and when you put it together with Star Wars? It makes for an excellent combination that I couldn‘t help but love. 

Overall rating: 10/10 

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