Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader Official Release Date Announced & New Teaser Poster

"It is close, I can sense it. Follow my lead." -Kylo Ren

Today, after months of uncertainty of when the series would actually release, the team of Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader has announced the official release date of Episode I - Ashes of the Empire, and it has a great connection to Kylo Ren's character and history.

On December 18th, the FIVE year anniversary of The Force Awakens, experience the conflicted Ben Solo like never before, in the Animated Fan-Series Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader. Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo was brought to our hearts officially on December 18th, 2015, and so it is a perfect fit for his reintroduction this year in the series.

Blood of Vader follows BEN SOLO on his journey weeks before the events of The Force Awakens, to find his place in the galaxy as KYLO REN. The soul that has been torn apart by expectations and legacy is looking for a comfort zone. He has never gotten to follow his own path, and is desperate to do so. But under the guidance of SUPREME LEADER SNOKE, he is unable to live freely. But when Kylo receives information of a rare artifact from the old galactic civil war, things start to gain more clarity. But will this journey give him the security he is looking for, or will it leave him questioning his place in the galaxy even more than before?

On top of the announcement, another poster has been released, reminding us of the first teaser poster for The Force Awakens. Kylo stands with his new outfit, lined in red, with CAPTAIN PHASMA next to him ready for combat. Snoke, looking dapper as always, is looking over the poster as he looks over Kylo in his training on the dark side. GENERAL HUX stands straight, with his blaster raised, and his hair is better than ever.

Each Episode will release on the Star Wars Editor YouTube channel over the span of the next year after Episode I. For more info on this Fan-Series, CLICK HERE.


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