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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Kazuda Xiono himself, Christopher Sean

I was lucky enough to get to have a great conversation with the star of Star Wars: Resistance, Christopher Sean. We talked Star Wars (obviously), working with the cast, diversity, and more!

A. Being cast as Kaz my first thought was... I’m a part of the canonical family of Star Wars. This is unreal... then I thought.. this is huge!! And I screamed lol

Q. Team Fireball and the Colossus crew really became a family over the two seasons of the show, how close are you to the rest of the cast members in the real world?

A. The cast when we see each other it’s like we don’t miss a step but just like life we all must separate  and focus on booking more work and exciting new horizons :)

Q. I got to meet you at Celebration in Chicago and it was easily one of the highlights of my week. The way you took the time to individually chat with everyone who came through was really, really awesome. I was wondering what it’s like to engage with fans like that at a big event like Celebration, and just in general since joining the Star Wars family. 

A. For me each person at these large events that are interested in meeting deserve time :) it’s so important  for me to make a personal connection and hopefully an inside joke with everyone. Everyone deserves to smile especially those who want to hang with me :)

Q. We know you got to go to the Rise of Skywalker premiere, did you know going into the movie for the first time that you were technically in it, since the Fireball, Torra, and Yeager’s ships were used in the Battle of Exegol?

A. Yes I was told we were going to be in the movie and that we were part of the cast :) so going into the movie I was just honored to be there :) it was a wonderful experience all around.

Q. You are obviously very proud of being an Asian American, and seeing that positivity is truly awesome. I really wanted to know what diversity means to you, especially in regards to such a massive, influential cultural phenomenon such as Star Wars. 

A. Diversity is important for so many. It means those who don’t have a voice are spoken for. Imagine a world where you weren’t recognized as an equal... could you imagine the feeling of displacement? It’s so important to be seen. Diversity means equality for all.

Q. This last one is a long shot since we all know how tight lipped Disney and Lucasfilm are with these things, but is there anything you can tell us involving them futures of Kaz, team Fireball, and everyone else on the Colossus?

A. I wish for Kaz and the team to continue on in the Star Wars universe :) only time will tell.

Wanted to give a big shout out to the awesome, Christpher Sean for doing this exclusive interview with us! He is one of the brightest voices in the Star Wars community, and we can't wait to see more from him, Kaz, and team Fireball in the future.


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