#AllStarWarsIsGood Does Not Unify Our Fandom, it Makes it Worse

#AllStarWarsIsGood. Heard that going around on Twitter? It seems pretty fair, and up until this year, I may have even used this tag myself. But I don't. And its not because I now dislike 1/11 Star Wars Movies, but because it is harmful to those who have valid criticisms over the franchise. Not liking something does not make you less of a fan, and in some scenarios, criticizing goes to show that you care about this franchise.

Why is it Harmful?

Why could something so innocent and positive be harmful? On the surface level, it seems like just a hashtag to support Star Wars. And that is true. However, lets look at this tags origins. For safety, I won't link who started this campaign, as no hate should be sent. His intentions were not harmful. But it was a tag created after The Rise of Skywalker's release, when a bunch of criticism came from the movie. The creator loved Rise of Skywalker however, and could not stand the hate. Even calling the movie a masterpiece. This is great, he loved the movie and even advocates for it, good on him. However, that now means that the tag #AllStarWarsIsGood is now made in spite of the many, many fans with criticism of that movie.

Supporters of this tag will tell you that it is a campaign to "unify" our fandom, and to bring awareness to the fact that many people love every Star Wars movie, and though one movie might be your least favorite, it is someone elses favorite movie. And this is true, in no way am I denying that this is one of the ways the tag is used. But it is undeniably weaponized by some people, whether the creator intended it or not. People will use it against you, to tear down others opinions. Many people, including myself, will feel left out by a tweet using that tag, because they're using it in a way to say that if you don't love all of Star Wars you are not a fan. It also does not sit right with me that the the main supporters of this tag will also share their negative opinions. Whether it be about how Luke Skywalker is a poorly written character, or how the Duel of the Fates script was trash. (Which I have literally seen an #ASWG supporter call Colin Trevorrow and his ideas stupid. But if I said to him "JJ Abrams and his ideas were stupid.", #ASWG is ready to go to war.) Sharing your negative opinions are normal, even they understand this. So why create a hashtag to silence those who ave negative opinions, just to voice your own?

When you sit here and make tweets invalidating people's film-making criticisms by saying "Star Wars doesn't have to make sense, it's fiction.", your positivity isn't so positive anymore. A positive fandom isn't a bunch of people who blindly love everything about the franchise, it's a place where we can get along despite our difference in opinions. People will defend the hashtag, but actions speak louder than words. Saying that it’s a way to bring awareness to the fact that people have different opinions about the movies doesn’t make it so. Cause what does #ASWG sound like? It sounds like they’re saying that ALL STAR WARS IS GOOD. If you’re using the tag to bring us down for disliking something you like, that’s what the tag is meant for. Your explanation is invalid if you aren’t actually practicing your explanation.

I don’t think there’s anyone who thinks that every single thing in Star Wars is perfect, so there’s no reason to put on a front. Just say you disagree with the person, no need to bring them down and hide it behind “positivity“. Because the second you have something negative to say, you’re the first to say it. Let’s unify the fandom differently. No need for artificial positivity to do so.

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